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22. juli 2024


VIDEO: Unknowingly, in a Karelian forest TVflux reporter Mr Schou captured an endangered bird. According to Mr Thomas Vikstrøm at the BirdLife Denmark the bird in mention is the white-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos, latin).

“I have been looking for the white-backed woodpecker myself on field trips in both Russia and the Baltics, but I have never found it. The bird is vanishing on a global scale because it needs natural forests for survival”, says Thomas Vikstrøm.

“Therefore, we were all very excited in the BirdLife Denmark as we watched the TVflux recordings. Actually seeing the bird is a dream coming true for ornithologists”, he says to the TVflux.

Also recognized in the video by Thomas Vikstrøm and his colleagues are the more common gold crest, the great tit and the wren.

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