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14. juli 2024


VIDEO (silent movie): Not far from the Karelian capitol, Petrozavodsk, in Russia we find a village with an old bridge constructed to open for boats and a traditionally Russian church. Next to the village is a Botanical Garden.

The surroundings of the village are forests, cliffs and magnificent views over the lake Onega. On the other side of the lake the skyline of Petrozavodsk brakes through the morning dim.

The village is a paradox with its old wooden houses tippled with satellite TV receivers, old women washing their clothes in the lake, men fishing with net and drivers in brand new cars working in the capitol but still living in the village’s, e.g., Proletarian Street.

According to Thomas Vikstrøm at the Danish Ornithological Union (DOF) the bird captured is the very rare Dendrocopos leucotos, which only survives in natural forests.

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