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13. juli 2024


Later this evening London artist Rebecca Feiner is expected to be extradicted to Denmark in Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). She is facing 12 days of hard artistic labor which must be exhibited on Sunday 13th of August in the Copenhagen multicultural and happily militant quarter, Nørrebro. The event later to be announced.

»If the artist is not meeting the deadline she will be restricted from leaving Denmark until a new deadline is set«, says the president of the Copenhagen Court off the record exclusively for TVflux. The president though being promised anonymization can’t reveal for what crime Miss Feiner is being punished as it is a matter of state security.

Miss Feiner hasn’t yet decided on which artistic means to choose.

In 2007 in the fucking city of Jyderup, a remote Danish station town 82 km straight west of the capitol, Miss Feiner and Miss Foá arranged a concert for mopeds. The musicians were young moped drivers who had modified their engines to tune in with the orchestra.

Ten musicians were needed but of all of Jyderup’s young moped drivers only four showed up. Most were scared of police also showing up to confiscate falsely tuned mopeds.

Since Copenhagen is so much more metropolic than Jyderup, Miss Feiner might consider arranging a premiere concert for middle aged members of rival motorcycle gangs as fear of police among those is correspondingly absent.


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