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14. juli 2024


VIDEO: In 1985 Sting released the song “Russians” which was a demonstration against the US-doctrine saying you can win a nuclear war.

The song was aimed at both sides of the so-called Cold War – the USA and the Soviet Union predominately.

In one of the lines in his song, Stings says: I hope the Russians love their children too.

Many things have changed since the cold 1980’ies. Unfortunately not the US and NATO believe that you can win a nuclear war. One of the things that have changed in the European part of Russia is taking care of children. For the last ten years or so, it’s common to say fathers with their small ones walking the streets without the mother.

Many Russians work many hours a day to make ends meet and therefore you will also see grandmothers or grandfathers picking up children from kindergartens and schools. The Russian kids are giving a lot of free space in the public scene. S

o unless you hate children Russia is a treat: Video is taken on the Victory Square in Kaliningrad. And let’s not forget the words from Sting’s song: “There’s no such thing as a winnable war- It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore”.

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