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14. juli 2024


VIDEO: Some 75 km north of Petrozavodsk in Karelia we find this beautiful waterfall.

Here the river Suna falls 10,7 meters in the midst of a natural reserve founded in 1931. This area has taken its name after the waterfall: Kivach. In the old Karelian language, Kivach means: Impetuous.

Even on a cold October’s Sunday Russians come to this remote spot for a visit. A small museum showing the area’s bio-diversity is still open, but the café was closed for the winter, apparently.

Around the visiting centre you will see wooden sculptures of local, wild animals and birds. And a discreet war memorial as you will find all over Russia.

The war against Nazi-Germany from 1941-45 seems never to be forgotten: The total loss of human lives in the former Soviet Union is an estimated 27 million. The USA and Great Britain all together lost 700.000.

Not to mention more than four million German military personnel and near 2 million civilians, the latter due to allied air strikes and post-war refugee and expulsion policy.


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